Replacing your siding can lower your maintenance, improve your comfort in your home, increase your energy savings, fix weather damage and increase the value of your home.

Siding Replacement

There are many reasons that people replace their siding. The number one reason is cosmetic. Other reasons include lowering maintenance, improving comfort, increasing energy savings, replacing weather damaged walls, and increasing the resale value of the home. New construction is rarely a guarantee that your siding will satisfy your needs because in many cases, builders use low-grade materials resulting in problems in a few years.


Purchasing siding should be an easy and comfortable process, one that allows the buyer to be in control. Most people buy siding to:

  • Eliminate Exterior Maintenance

  • Reduce Cleaning Time

  • Save Energy

  • Be more Comfortable

  • Make Repairs as a part of an Insurance Claim

  • Add Value To Their Home

Save Energy

After windows and doors, your walls create the highest area of energy loss. Although your walls may have adequate insulation, you are likely unaware of the insulating condition that exists under your siding. After all, imperfections and mistakes can be covered up with the siding and you will never know the difference. It is common to find large holes in exterior walls after siding has been removed.


Infiltration is cold air leaking in through the walls of your house that can cause rooms to feel drafty and uncomfortable. As cold air is coming in through the leaks, warm air is escaping through other leaks. The same is true in the summer when hot air is leaking into the house and cool air is escaping. Does this sound like your home?

Some siding systems will be more energy-efficient than others. New advanced technologies and designs have dramatically improved the performance of siding insulation options. The best insulators will be EPS foam with a contour fit to the siding. Look for the R-4 to the R-5 insulation value.


When you get right down to it new siding offers more than just saving money on your energy bills. Out of 1,000 people surveyed by the Consumer Energy Alliance, 67% of the respondents said that home COMFORT was most important. Most people want their home to be comfortable. Don’t you?


On cold winter nights, do you avoid chairs near exterior walls? Do drafts chase you from room to room? When temperatures drop to the single digits, do you find comfort only under several layers of blankets? In the hot summer months, does your house seem like a sauna? Do you find yourself closing all of the blinds, turning off all of the lights and trying to keep your air conditioning unit from running 24/7?


Insurance Claim

If you do get hail, it would be wise to upgrade your siding to one that is more hail resistant. Even though insurance will cover the cost of replacement, you will have the same problem — and another deductible — when the hail returns. You will benefit from purchasing a more durable siding and paying the difference between what you get from the insurance claim and the cost of the replacement siding. The long-term benefit will not only save you money, it will also improve the appearance and energy-efficiency of your home. The increased resale value and energy savings will more than compensate for the upfront investment.


Now, let’s talk about Storm Chasers. Storm Chasers typically arrive in a neighborhood after a severe storm. Even though you might not have noticeable damage, they will entice you with the promise of new siding and roofing for only the cost of your deductible. They will promise to handle the filing of your claims. They like to tell you that your area has been declared a “Disaster Area” (sometimes not necessarily true) and that your rates are going up anyway (not necessarily true again) so you might as well buy new siding.


Add Value to Your Home

The benefits start immediately when you replace your siding. New siding transforms a home from ordinary to outstanding, especially if you take advantage of the many trim options available. What’s more, new siding provides one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement project.


Furthermore, you should never buy a siding system that is not backed by a full lifetime guarantee on the material and you should read all guarantees carefully. 

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