Fallen trees and branches that hang or fall on your roof can cause devastating damage to your home and require expensive roof tree damage repairs. Trees that stand close enough to fall on your roof when exposed to sleet and snow, pouring rain, or high winds are a major threat to the health of your roof.

The experts at PROBUILTCO specialize in emergency roof repairs due to tree damage. Trees whose branches grow close to or hang over your roof should be monitored regularly, as they can cause enormous damage to your roof. Tree branches hanging over your roof can puncture, break and damage your roofing materials, possibly leading to water damage.


In addition, the leaves from these trees can clog your gutter system, allowing rainwater to accumulate and cause leaks in your attic or moisture damage to your shingles and other roofing materials.


Almost all homeowner’s insurance policies cover roof replacement that is required due to a fallen tree on your roof. If you experience a fallen tree or major roof damage from a tree branch that punctures or damages your roof, contact PROBUILTCO for a free roof inspection, providing excellent customer service, and experienced roof installers to correct the problem.


Check carefully to determine the extent to which your home has been damaged by doing the following:


  • Go into your attic and see if rafters are cracked or if your roof sheathing is bowed.

  • Check for punctures in your roof by a branch stub or broken branch.

  • A tree branch, when propelled by the wind, is strong enough to pierce shingles and/or sheathing to cause serious damage to your roof.

  • If you have water leaking into your home, try to cover the area with a tarp to prevent further serious interior damage.


If the damage is substantial, contact your insurance agent and our roof repair professionals at PROBUILTCO will arrange for an insurance adjuster to meet with one of our inspectors to investigate the damage and plan any roof replacement services you may need. 


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